We Have Moved!

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Well, here we go. Our downtown Grande Prairie office is now closed and we are officially mobile only. That means you won’t be able to find us, but we will find you.

Here’s the Breakdown

Over the past several years we have strived to maintain a high quality of both production and service through continuing to improve our efficiency in systems and process, utilizing technology when we can to increase our ability to serve well.

Our mission remains: We Translate Ideas Into Images that Ignite Customers and Influence the Marketplace

We have taught our clients to remain fluid in their marketing, understanding the limitations of advertising and the importance of marketing to need instead of targets. You have a ‘fluid audience’ – people are on the move and continually changing. Technology has driven this even faster and we have noticed trends away from static traditional office driven ad agencies in recent years and have decided to make the move while things are going well with the goal of becoming more profitable while providing better service and more affordable rates.

These past couple of years have been strong for Fluid Audience as we have transitioned from the previous Martin Weiss Design. We are looking forward to this change as we continue to practice our mission and live our name. We continue to work with our team and collaborate with the best in the industry with marketing, design, web development, print & print design as well as commercial signs.

We trust you will grow with us and we grow with you.

Services we will no longer provide are: photocopying, faxing, laminating, scanning, paper cutting, booking & bindery, blueprint duplication, & display rentals

Some of these will be offered at Letterbox Express (beside our previous office location): photocopying, faxing & blueprint duplication

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