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Time seems to be it’s own master most days. I think probably the biggest challenge in busy times is being proactive. Living in a contant state of reaction is not less productive, but more stressful. The challenge becomes in thinking ahead when your thinking is overwhelmed.

I have experimented with several tools over the past year to help to manage projects and timelines and keep on top of things while continuing to grow the reach of our company through collaboration and networking with like-minded professionals.

Here’s the low-down:

Capture Everything, Access Anywhere & Find Things Fast

Evernote does a good job of delivering that claim and even the free version of evernote would give the average user adequate data transfer, storage space and access for saving all your notes in one place. I use evernote primarily as a note pad. No more stickies! Orders that come in, inquiries, phone messages, todo’s that haven’t made it to action yet. Evernote gives you the ability to tag items and has a powerful search tool that narrows down your multiple note by remember even one word.

There are even more powerful features in the paid version, but so far I have been content with the free subscription. It integrates with my multiple devices and the sync function has been so far without a hitch, on my iPhone, macBook and macPC.

Definitely a huge help.

Project Management & Collaboration

This is an amazing project management tool that allows for us to keep track of our projects and collaborate with our team in various locations. We have also found it extremely useful in collaborating with our clients throughout a project giving them access to seeing our progress through the milestones of the project, interjecting the necessary feedback and approvals throughout but still giving the team the ability to communication behind the scenes privately so that we don’t overwhelm our clients with unnecessary correspondence.

Great tool that has become irreplaceable and enables us to manage our multiple projects and project types effectively.

File Sharing, Backup & Easy Access (2 GB for free)

This has become another valuable tool in our arsenal. It allows for easy access to the files we are working on from any location. I did use mobileMe for this previously but the data transfer rate with mobileMe is so slow that it was proving in-effective and frustrating. Dropbox is quick and simple to set up. We use it to synchronize various file types, it gives the ability to share large files through email link and serves as another great tool.

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