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If there’s a dominant theme lately in my life it’s ‘Simplify’

We are continually surrounded by so many options that I think we are crossing the threshold of what is good, especially when there are so many options of the same thing. From trying to choose a mobile phone contract to an electronic device, from buying groceries to clothes there seems to be a thousand options of the same things.

Probably the most exaggerated of this are smart phone apps. By the fall of 2012 there were over 700,000 iPhone apps available and almost the same at 675,000 Android apps. At first glace the numbers seem impressive, but only a fraction are actually unique. We don’t have a million or probably even 100 uses for our smart phones, as ‘smart’ as they are. At last check there were 767 apps in the App Store when searching todo. A todo list is a pretty basic function that comes natively with the iPhone and I can pretty much guarantee that there will be more added to that list by the next time I check. I have one question – why?

I understand that technology builds on technology and applications are often developed out of need/desire for a solution and that the invention of new and better ways of doing things comes through this process. Sometimes I think that free market has gone insane. There is a natural process of elimination but I’m sick of waiting for things to go away on there own.

Here’s another disturbing fact. Total self storage rentable space in the US is now 2.22 billion square feet (reference) and has been rapidly increasing in all of the developed world at an exponential rate. There is 7.0 sq. of self storage space for every man, woman and child in the United States. This is all the stuff we don’t need. At least we can delete apps.

This year – I’m going to simplify.

Todo (just a plain old list):
• clothes in my closet (why do I have clothes that won’t fit and I don’t like?)
• tools in my garage (why do I have 3 sets of wrenches? I don’t even work on my car)
• household (do I really need that many coffee mugs? I only like 2 of them)
• iPhone (if I don’t use it delete it, if I need it later there will be a better app)
• music (why is there music in my library that I don’t listen to or even like?)
• storage (that’s right, what about the stuff in the house never mind the self storage?)

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