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The part of the definition of ‘resolution’ often overlooked this time of year is “…the action of solving a problem” – so maybe instead of making a new decision this year, solve an existing problem this year. Resolve something.

The dawn of another year will find us still spinning around the sun and many will resolve to eat better, run faster, walk further and improve ourselves or the conditions of the lives around us.

But, maybe we have this all wrong.

Maybe ‘better’ doesn’t come from making dramatic changes in our lives as much as it comes from simply solving problems. I guess the difference is only a matter of perspective but I think that unless you have recognized that there is a problem to resolve there is no reason to stick to a resolution to begin with.

Don’t resolve to change – Resolve to ‘resolve’

I opted out of the pursuit of an engineering degree primarily because the academic drive at the time was less about solving existing problems and more about designing the next ‘cool’ gadget.

The problems we face today need to be solved. As we do, we end up solving some of the problems we would have faced tomorrow.

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