Change = We Are Moving, Out of the Box!

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We made it through the “dog days of summer.”

I know there’s mythical roots to the term but for many of us it just meant the time of year it’s was too hot to want to do anything but go to the beach or the river or the shade, sip a beverage and cook outside.

It also means that fall and routine are upon us and with the coming season change brings a new chapter to most of us, some busy, some slow. It’s no accident that fiscal reporting is usually done in quarters and our seasons run the same pattern. I think we are designed to take a pause to see how things are going and make any course corrections along the way.

I believe that living should be done on purpose and that simply continuing the path without ever looking up is not only dangerous but causes us to miss life. We have taken continual pause along our course and this season have decided that Fluid Audience needs to make a change.

We have been part of transforming a declining company (Martin Weiss Design) to an entirely new level over the past five years. We don’t want to just stagnate at this plateau so we have decided to break away from the box and go mobile. Our location has been great for visibility but frustrating for accessibility so we will now be going to our clients instead of expecting them to come to us. We hope that it will improve our customer service and ease of use while giving us the ability to increase in flexibility.

We know that our ‘audience’ is always changing and believe that this will give us the ability to remain ‘fluid.’

We want to thank our faithful clients for your patience through the transition and are glad to be able to maintain most of our existing services through change. Our downtown office will be closed November 1, 2012 and our mobile office will be open sometime in October – we’ll be coming to you.

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