Making Things Better

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Creativity is a gift, it should be given. Making things better is a responsibility that should be taken. Occupational creativity (design) comes with a high level of responsibility to giving of yourself to make things better, more attractive and more appealing without sacrificing yourself and your convictions.

I guess that’s life, because we are all, by nature, creative. Don’t be allured by the pursuit of wealth in your quest for influence – the two are not very closely related. Effecting the world around you comes when you are willing to let things go – not hold them too tightly. Sometimes ‘creative’ people hold tightly to the things that they ‘create,’ but influence only comes when the thing created is allowed to live a life of it’s own.

Here’s an example of what I mean. If you create something that could change the world around you for the better but never tell anyone for fear that someone will see it and re-create it and make lots of money, what good was the idea? How many revolutionary ideas never live a life and make an influence because of someones fear or someones greed. Making the world a better place takes creative people. Not just creative people, but confident, creative people.

If you have a good idea – don’t be afraid to share it. Maybe you won’t ‘make it rich’ on that big idea, but maybe… maybe, you’ll be an influence.


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