Easily Distracted

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I think that much of the human race has become easily distracted. We have all slowly developed ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’ – not to trivialize those who actually struggle with clinically diagnosed disorder.

We are so distracted with technology that is is creating a disconnected generation in the developed world. Everything is within the reach of our short thumbs yet the more we search the less we find and the events with the power to change the very course of history only becomes another distraction.

I was riveted to the media feeds during the Boston bombings as a couple of men brought an entire city to a grinding halt. Now, only a short time later the news headlines have forgotten, even as those effected are still recovering in hospital. It is really baffling to me how quickly we jump to the next headline, humour post or manipulated picture.

So what about focus? It’s very tempting for businesses and entrepreneurs to jump into the next technology, or at least feel the need to do so in order to promote themselves but is it really the most effective?

Genuine connection with people is and will become even more of an unsatisfied hunger as  our culture once again fragments. Facebook is losing users and more importantly not gaining younger ones according to their own research. Likely why the giant picked up Instagram which is gaining younger users. But now I am getting distracted.

What’s my point?

I think that nothing can replace a personal touch. I heard an author say once, “If you want someone to laugh, don’t tell them you are funny, tell them a joke.” I have gotten so tired of trying to find ways to tell others that I am awesome enough to help them market their business by finding ways for them to tell others about how awesome they are.

So I quit.

I will just try to do my best to be awesome. Go further for people. Serve better. Give better value. Just be awesome. Then I will let them tell who they may. But at least at the end of the day I can rest knowing that I have done all that I can do.

I probably make it sound that this is new for me. But our philosophy has remained the same for many many years. It’s just so easy to get distracted.

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