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It feels like a repeat the same message in many parts of my life. Get out of the box!

This is very difficult for most. It’s a simple concept but many find it difficult to embrace… So I repeat it. What are some things inside of a box?

A gift waiting to be unwrapped. A tool or product purchased and shipped. Your belongings if you are moving from one place to another. Decorations used infrequently through various holiday seasons. Your elementary and high school sports trophies. And… once we are all done in this life – every one of us.

Until that time I don’t want to live my life or run my business inside a box. It may be familiar and have the illusion of safety. It may even contain all of the useful tools to succeed but until those things get out of the box and be used it eventually becomes out of date or irrelevant and if you’re not careful it will become the death of your business or your dream.

Pick something. How do you increase your business profile? Radio, newspaper, flyers, Facebook or other social media to announce a special sale? There’s your box. How do you think outside the box?

Depending on your budget or your ability you might sit down with someone and brain storm, you might call your brother-in-law or a parent or a trusted friend like its a game show and you need help to answer a question that has you stumped. Few have the budget to contact an advertising agency and even fewer give enough creative license to think or plan anything too far outside the box.

Think boldly, to go where you haven’t gone before. For some that might be back to your most loyal customers, for others to a group you never knew needed what you had to offer. For all of us it means getting out there and connecting with people.

We can take a lesson from the extreme difference in the IPO of both facebook and twitter. One company cared enough to connect with investors and groups that would be its eventual stock holders the other relied on its perceived acceptance and previous success to make it a hot stock item. Don’t rely on your ‘box’ to get you where you need to go. Use what’s in it as a resource and tool source but get out and connect with people, they are the ‘vehicle’ that will drive your business to success or the partners that will make your dream reality.

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