Creative Discipline

In Create by Jared

I think there is high importance to clarifying focus. I have not always been very good at this and instead was willing to tackle any job that required creativity to accomplish. The problem with approaching jobs as problems is that you are in a continual state of problem solving and never have time for mastery.

It’s the mastery of a discipline that allows you to step into excellence and this is what creates a demand for your service. Although I have gained a vast knowledge of multiple creative disciplines and mediums I have only recently had the freedom and courage to focus on mastery.

Saying no to fringe projects and yes to those that fall inline with focus is important for efficiency and success. Creativity is a difficult disciple to focus because by it’s very nature it is continually changing. The challenge for every creative person or company is to remain focused so that task, projects and problems can be strategically and intentionally completed.