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iOS7 for iPhone was released recently and I find reaction a humorous exposé on people. We all prefer change if we initiate it but there is a large portion of the population that resists change entirely.

You may have heard it said before that there are only two reasons that people will accept change and I have seen it time and again.

Reason One: I am not satisfied with the current state of things. This threshold changes with different people but it is a universal motivating factor that has been the driving force behind much of the major changes in human history. Weather it is a revolution or just the catalyst to move to a new community, city or country if things get bad enough it will force even those opposed to change to seek it out. A persons receptivity to even this motivation for change greatly varies between individuals.

Albert Einstein’s famous definition of Insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Often times we complain about our circumstances but don’t truly expect anything better. It’s this frame of mind that keeps us on the same course. Often times I have been the recipient of a complaint that is delivered by way of announcement. This job sucks. My wage is too low. My rent is too high. I am tired. I am so out of shape… All of these have solutions that require change.

The problem is that many times our current circumstances are not uncomfortable enough to actually make a change so instead we complain and hope that someone else will make the change for us.

Reason Two: There is something better for me if I change. This too becomes a powerful motivation that most advertisers use. This product is amazing, it will completely change your life and give you all that you ever wanted. Claims are more often exaggerated by advertising but more believable from a friend.

“The grass is greener on the other side”

Sometime our motivation to change is out of jealousy but meaningful change can also come as a result of our being inspired by something or someone to better ourselves or our circumstances. If we are given the steps to accomplish it they change is more easily adopted.

However, despite the frustration of their current circumstances, the observed benefits of change and the success of those around them there is a segment of people who will not change unless forced. They will not get a new phone unless theirs is lost, stolen or drowned. They will not move unless their house is destroyed. They will not change unless forced.

In many ways these people enjoy a measure of peace that the world may spin around them but they will remain steadfast. For people like me, who’s comfortable rate of change rests in the top 2% of the population these people could be a source of frustration. When I am comfortable with the rate of change 98% of the population is saying, slow down.

To keep from being continually frustrated I continually look to make things better. Not just to change for change sake, but I use the two reasons people change as a continual challenge in my life. My challenge for those who resist change – look for something that isn’t working and fix it (maybe it was broken). My challenge to all of you early adopters of ‘new’ – stop and think of all the time and energy it will take to change and see if there is any meaningful benefit to it… take a break!

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