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Easily Distracted

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I think that much of the human race has become easily distracted. We have all slowly developed ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’ – not to trivialize those who actually struggle with clinically diagnosed disorder. We are so distracted with technology that is is creating a disconnected generation in the developed world. Everything is within the reach of our short thumbs yet the …

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If there’s a dominant theme lately in my life it’s ‘Simplify’ We are continually surrounded by so many options that I think we are crossing the threshold of what is good, especially when there are so many options of the same thing. From trying to choose a mobile phone contract to an electronic device, from buying groceries to clothes there …

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Bad Makes Good Things Good?

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Winter is here in full force where we live, the snow is falling even more than most years in recent memory. Any yard mess or half completed projects or even potholes are covered up in an every expanding sea of drifting white waves – like everything was frozen in time. It feels like we haven’t seen the sun in weeks …

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Advertising to a Fragmented Market

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If you haven’t noticed by now there is an ever increasing fragmentation in the marketplace. Single audiences rarely exist anymore and marketing your business, product or service has become increasingly difficult. Traditional marketing tempts you to use a wider ‘spray’ of your message but only serves up a diluted form or your message and by the time it reaches a …