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It feels like a repeat the same message in many parts of my life. Get out of the box! This is very difficult for most. It’s a simple concept but many find it difficult to embrace… So I repeat it. What are some things inside of a box? A gift waiting to be unwrapped. A tool or product purchased and …

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Easily Distracted

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I think that much of the human race has become easily distracted. We have all slowly developed ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’ – not to trivialize those who actually struggle with clinically diagnosed disorder. We are so distracted with technology that is is creating a disconnected generation in the developed world. Everything is within the reach of our short thumbs yet the …

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If there’s a dominant theme lately in my life it’s ‘Simplify’ We are continually surrounded by so many options that I think we are crossing the threshold of what is good, especially when there are so many options of the same thing. From trying to choose a mobile phone contract to an electronic device, from buying groceries to clothes there …