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It feels like a repeat the same message in many parts of my life. Get out of the box! This is very difficult for most. It’s a simple concept but many find it difficult to embrace… So I repeat it. What are some things inside of a box? A gift waiting to be unwrapped. A tool or product purchased and …

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Time seems to be it’s own master most days. I think probably the biggest challenge in busy times is being proactive. Living in a contant state of reaction is not less productive, but more stressful. The challenge becomes in thinking ahead when your thinking is overwhelmed. I have experimented with several tools over the past year to help to manage …

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Making Things Better

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Creativity is a gift, it should be given. Making things better is a responsibility that should be taken. Occupational creativity (design) comes with a high level of responsibility to giving of yourself to make things better, more attractive and more appealing without sacrificing yourself and your convictions. I guess that’s life, because we are all, by nature, creative. Don’t be …