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Creative Discipline

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I think there is high importance to clarifying focus. I have not always been very good at this and instead was willing to tackle any job that required creativity to accomplish. The problem with approaching jobs as problems is that you are in a continual state of problem solving and never have time for mastery. It’s the mastery of a …

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How Far Is Too Far

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I am still amazed that ‘professional’ designers still haven’t figured out how far is too far. What I mean is that on a billboard (for example) how big you have to make the letters in order for them to have the impact that you desire. How many billboards have you driven by that have way too much information and all …

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It feels like a repeat the same message in many parts of my life. Get out of the box! This is very difficult for most. It’s a simple concept but many find it difficult to embrace… So I repeat it. What are some things inside of a box? A gift waiting to be unwrapped. A tool or product purchased and …

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iOS7 for iPhone was released recently and I find reaction a humorous¬†expos√© on people. We all prefer change if we initiate it but there is a large portion of the population that resists change entirely. You may have heard it said before that there are only two reasons that people will accept change and I have seen it time and …