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Bad Makes Good Things Good?

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Winter is here in full force where we live, the snow is falling even more than most years in recent memory. Any yard mess or half completed projects or even potholes are covered up in an every expanding sea of drifting white waves – like everything was frozen in time.

It feels like we haven’t seen the sun in weeks with the constant snow and cold temperatures. Until today. The sun is shining, the snow is glistening and it looks much warmer than the -22 degrees it shows on the outdoor thermometer.

This winter has been cold. Driving is treacherous, and even the sun goes south for the winter.

So… what made today beautiful? — The sun is shining and it’s better than yesterday. I think that maybe good is just relative to what once was bad. Good is better, not perfect.

I think that ingrained in ‘creative’ people is a desire to make things better. That doesn’t always mean just covering it over with white fluff – like my once messy back yard or all the pothole in the roads around here. It means making it better.

Create something.

Something more functional, more efficient, more usable, more beautiful. I think that we are all creative beings. We are continually creating. We make a meal, a sentence, we make a memory, we make a mark in history in big and small ways. We create.

I have met many people who tell me, “I’m not creative,” but I have not met very many people who don’t create.

Just because you don’t possess the ability to write with eloquence a book or song, or paint an incredible piece of art does not remove you from humanity and your very nature to create.

Create something. Make something better. Be good.

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