Annoying: What Lengths Will You Go To?

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What lengths will you go to?

I had an MLM (multi-level-marketing) gentleman visit me the other day which reminded me of a time I was tricked into sitting through a presentations and had to almost laugh out-loud as they told the audience that this method of generating a residual income was “recession-proof” and tried to sign us up to spend more on their ‘superior’ products at inflated prices.

I guess the biggest problem that I have with these systems is that they attempt to convert people into assets, too often at the expense of genuine relationships.

What lengths will you go to?

Is generating an income more important than relationships or even genuine friendships? I understand that sometimes the two can get a little fuzzy in the service industry. Being paid to provide a service it sometimes becomes difficult to not see people as part of your paycheck.

A good way I have found to combat this is to find somewhere or some cause to give your time. Time is probably our most valuable asset, but unlike our bank account, we can’t check to see how much we have left. We also can’t borrow it from anyone else. We refer to it the same as we do with money, which is really weird when you think about it.

“I don’t have enough time” – “I can’t afford the time” – “I ran out of time” … Or in more negative circumstances, “He’s on borrowed time”

I thinks it’s this unknown that drives our insatiable desire for making more and more money with our time. Have you ever thought, “I’m worth more than this!”? This self-evaluation has driven more than one person to quit, ask for a promotion or raise, or start out on their own. Some people have an inflated opinion of themselves and others a deflated one – either extreme is annoying. The challenge for those in the service industry is to place the correct value on services. The market usually determines this equation fairly quickly.

Understanding what your services are worth makes you much less ‘annoying’ – taking out the need to apologize or feel a need to justify the prices you charge.

What lengths will you go to?

Always remember that relationships with others require an investment and you should only ever expect to gain human connection in return. You set the rate on relationship based on the quality and quantity of time you invest.

The ‘time’ of your life that you convert to finance through an hour rate or wage is set by the marketplace. Your value in the marketplace is also determined by the quality and quantity of the time you spend combined with the ability you have.

How then do you keep the two separate? Or do they need to be separate?

It is my opinion that our ONLY focus with people needs to be developing healthy, mutual relationships that are as void of hidden intention as humanly possible. Focus on fostering authentic, genuine relationship with people whether you are working for them on a project to deliver a result or going for coffee to chat about life. It is out of this kind of relationship that will come more ‘business’ and ‘referral’ then you know what to do with.

I say that last statement with extreme reluctance, because even admitting the potential rewards to truly liking people will cause some to structure this as a process of business growth. Please… look at people as people – like you – with hope, fear, ambition, disappointment and love. They are lives to be invested in and served to accomplish their hope, ambition, goals and future.

If we can learn this lesson we not only contribute to making this world a better place but will truly enrich our lives beyond the greatest financial resources available.

What lengths will you go to? Invest in people.

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