We translate ideas and concepts into visual images that markets and sells products and services for entrepreneurs and companies.Mission Statement


– we are assuming you already have one otherwise you don’t need us yet.

Many people don’t know what to do after the initial thought. That revelation of what was going to change the face of consumers and be a household word, after that night sitting around the table with your friends and sharing you latest idea way too late at night.

We help you translate that idea. What can it look like?


– that great thing buried inside your head that you can see, but no one else can.

Now the arduous task is to somehow extract that great idea and bring it into focus so that it can be shared with more than just you. This process is sometimes referred to ‘branding’ and is usually started with a ‘ logo’ which is integrated into the material which will identify a company, product or service.


– now that the ideas out, it’s time to make it work.

This is where we help you answer the question, ‘Now What?’ The best way to achieve the results you desire is to plan for them. Success very seldom happens by accident and the expansion of your company, product or service when left up to itself may create a result that you don’t want.

Find the people who actually have a genuine need for your product or service. You don’t have to have great sales ability if the person you are talking to needs what you have. All they might need is to experience it.Marketing Tip #1

Pyro Marketing

We practice and teach a system of marketing that may be considered unconventional or even unheard of. Once your direction is clear we get down to the task of helping you determine what you smallest market is – what? That’s right, your smallest market. We want to help you build your marketing strategy like you would build a fire. When you have limited resources, few dollars and require quantifiable results you need a marketing strategy that will work for you and keep working for your afterwards.

This strategy is called involves four steps:


    These people have the lowest ignition temperature relative to your product. The slightest heat from your marketing causes them to light and burn hot. This is the only group whose ignition temperature is within reach of traditional advertising.

  • Touch it With A Match

    Let people experience your product or service. If you want prospects to laugh, don’t tell them you’re funny, tell them a joke. Experience is hotter than advertising and can ignite even the mildly interested.

  • Fan the Flames

    This means equipping your customers to spread your message more effectively through word-of-mouth. Personal influence is hotter than advertising or experience and the only way to convert the apathetic masses. Reach them by leveraging the power of passionate customer evangelists.

  • Save the Coals

    Keep a record of the people you find with your marketing so that each new campaign builds equity you can tap into in the future. The most likely to return are customers who have been deeply satisfied with your product or service.


Fluid Audience

Our Story

How far back do you want to go? Locating to the Peace Region in 2007, Fluid Audience Inc. began operating as Martin Weiss Design after its purchase. We have been waiting for the time we would reveal our face and fall 2010 was that time. We have brought a more broad base of services to Martin Weiss Design including web development and commercial sign construction. Building these past 4 years (since 2007) we have experienced the value of good relationship with our clients and are so appreciative of the many referrals they give.

Our new slogan “Designed to Influence” has been our key mandate since the beginning as we firmly believe in being a design agency that truly influences the community, region, nation and beyond. We feel that we are designed to influence and that our job is to ensure that influence is a good one. We also endeavour to have everything we design influence those who see it.

Our mission is to ‘Translate ideas and concepts that markets and sells products and services for entrepreneurs and companies.’ In order to accomplish that we strive to maintain high client relations and strive to ensure that everything we do is effective in design, practical in implementation and measurable in results.


Daily Herald-Tribune, May 31,1982A

HistoryNewsGrande Prairie commercial sign painter and a graphic artist have combined their skills to start a new company in the city – Martin Weiss Graphics.

Fred Weiss specializes in sign painting that can include anything from lettering on a truck to cotton and paper banners.

Lucia Martin’s field is illustrations, advertising campaigns for businesses, logos and graphic work of all types.

We are the first company in the area to specialize in graphics,”said Ms. Martin. “In the past, companies wanting this type of work have often gone to Edmonton or Calgary.”…”It’s important that companies spend a bit of money at the outset to come up with a good logo and a look. It’s really important to the company’s image.

Once the logo is designed it can be applied to anything from advertising to business cards and logos on vehicles. A professional job just looks so much better that it can make a real difference,”said Ms. Martin.

The Next Chapter

In the fall of 2012 Fluid Audience closed it’s downtown Grande Prairie office and scaled back it’s business model from where it had grown. With the experience of understanding multiple marketing disciplines the company would take a new perspective and go mobile. Business owners, Fluid Audience’s primary client don’t have time to get away most days so we decided to take the business to the customers provided to the door services with design, market consultation and even print material. The signage department has taken a back seat, but even without the shop space we still provide signage design services to clients who require it.

Fluid Audience takes on choice clients with the intention to provide quality design services and marketing advice that will propel the business ventures of it’s clients. Intentional design with influential impact.