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A fertilizer company launching in a green market. There was a necessity to appeal to customers desire for appealing lawns without overusing chemicals and still producing excellent results. This company started with a great product with which we matched a great brand.

They came with some initial concepts and once we heard a bit of their story, their passion and their direction we recommended an overhaul. Their plan was to take there product nationally and we felt that their initial concepts would not adequately support that task.

They had a desire to appeal to the urban home owner that wanted green healthy lawn – fast. They had a product that supported those claims better then any other product in the residential market and the manufacturing capability to be a large-scale distributor. Branding them as a main-stream competitor in an already name dominated industry was going to be difficult. What they brought to the market was a new residential product that was well tested in other applications but never before utilized in the lawn care field.

We then abandoned the direction they had approached us with and designed a new package and developed an additional product package for them. We worked with them and their bagging manufactures to see their bags delivered and ready for them to start production.

We have since helped them to develop of product guide and supplier manual so that they can steadily increase their carriers and grow their business. From posters, point of sale display and in store advertising to this years ad campaign we continue to journey with them.

We have worked within budget considerations to provide them with the tools they have needed to reach this far and will continue to do that throughout the course of our relationship with them and have developed a friendship and level of trust that we hope will continue far into their products becoming a household name.

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